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By now you already know Mexico’s Riviera Maya as the world’s premier cave diving destination. With most depths ranging between 20 and 100 feet, water temperatures at a constant 76 to 79 degrees F (24 to 25 C) and incomparable diversity of entry points, passage size, configuration and complexity, it’s little wonder why.

This region is home of the most easily accessible, extensive and prolifically decorated water-filled caves found anywhere in the world. Nowhere else can you log two cave dives a day within a twenty mile radius for more than a week without visiting the same cenote twice!

Due to the low elevation and climate of the Yucatan Peninsula, water flow in the caves is low. Consequently, divers can commonly swim distances exceeding 3,000 feet. Unaffected by flooding or seasonal variation, all sites are continuously accessible. Visibility is virtually unlimited throughout the year.

Those who have been here and dived the caves need no introduction. Those who haven’t should not miss the experience.

There are many benefits of diving the area caves with a professional guide. Among them are ease of logistics, improved safety and knowledge of the sites, and just having an experienced dive buddy on the team. The best guide is a veteran who is active and current with the cave systems, their latest developments, and the latest explorations.

In addition to the above qualifications, Bil Phillips is a leading educator and explorer. He is dedicated to providing tailored services with a strong commitment to safety and conservation.

If you have dived the caves of the Riviera Maya you probably know Bil by reputation. If not, you deserve to recognize Speleotech’s services and competitive prices. When it comes to cave diving, you can’t afford to compromise on quality and service.