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When you envision cave diver training, what is the end you hope to achieve? If you are like virtually every one of my students, your primary objective is to safely appreciate the water filled cave environment. You wish to be one of the privileged few who set eyes upon the stunning beauty of these ancient and pristine underwater worlds. You also welcome the challenge of making this privilege a reality.


All too often, the word "enjoyment" is overlooked in this field. Enjoyment and challenge are probably the reasons you are beginning the journey in the first place. This does not imply that thorough training in safe overhead diving principles and practices should ever be compromised. On the contrary, thorough training will ultimately enhance your enjoyment.

My educational methodology and philosophical foundations are built on extensive experience. My goal is to provide you with the most thorough, safe and progressive cave diver training possible. Teaching methods must be demanding and challenging without being dogmatic or militaristic. Students must be allowed to develop their knowledge and water skills in a non-threatening, mature manner.

Encouraging improvement and development while emphasizing the critical importance of each and every concept or exercise will maximize enjoyment and safety in what can potentially turn into an unforgiving and hostile environment. Students must demonstrate acceptable proficiency in all aspects of the instruction, and the ability to respond in an appropriate manner to realistic situations that can and do occur while diving in water filled caves.

Proficiency in cave diving is too important to be taken lightly. I cannot promise you that going through training will result in certification. What I will promise is my full commitment to help you succeed.

Many accomplished technical divers, employing a variety of sound techniques and equipment configurations, have been successful over the years. The common threads amongst these techniques and configurations are simplicity, streamlining, and proven effectiveness.

My approach involves presenting varying points of view in an unbiased fashion, regardless of where they originate. I see students as intelligent adults, capable of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of various viewpoints. Your ultimate responsibility is to yourself and your dive partners.

Finally, the achievement of cave diver certification is not an end. Rather, it is just the beginning. It is imperative that students carry with them the wisdom to respect the environment, their own abilities and personal limits. This is the foundation of the training that I hope to provide to you. I highly encourage you to keep an open mind and make learning an ongoing and never ending process.

After all, experience is the best instructor you will ever have.